The Babe Born In a Manger

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Song Title:
  The Babe Born In a Manger
Song Category:
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Track Number:
  ASR-10/Ovation Guitar/ Bass
Composed By:
  Lisa Chaddock/Kenny Carter
Performed By:
  Kenny Carter


The Babe Born In a Manger

1) Has there ever been a greater Gift, 
A greater love a greater Hope 
Has there ever been a sweeter love 
A more humble start so filled with joy; 
The Babe born in a manger 
Given by our God 
To save the lonely stranger 
Wandering in a empty land

2) He's ever been the very Word 
The very Life the First the Last 
There has never been a closer heart 
A still small voice, a Song for all; 
The Babe born in a manger 
Offered by our Lord 
To lead the host of angels 
Conquering a sin-sick land 

Glory to God in the highest
He has brought us peace on earth
Glory to God everlasting
He has given us new life
With Jesus' birth

verse 1

Lift your voices lift your hands 
Sing alleluia from every corner 
Of every land 
Lift your hearts now let us sing alleluia 
From every corner of every land 

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