Healing In His Hands
CCLI #5031234

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Song Title:
  Healing In His Hands
Song Category:
  Christian P&W
Play Time:
  Worship You
Track Number:
  ASR-10/Ovation Guitar
Composed By:
  Lisa Chaddock/Kenny Carter
Performed By:
  Kenny Carter


Healing In His Hands

The simple touch

That made the lame man walk

The hand held out

That helped the woman

Change her life 

The simple look

That made the sick girl well

The one command

That made the dead man

Come to life 


The healing in His hands

The touch of God himself  

That heals the broken soul

The broken soul

The simple word

That made the deaf man hear

The voice of God

That mends the broken

Change our lives

The simple love
 That tells your very soul

That Jesus Christ
Will heal your spirit
Change your life 


Rise, take your mat and walk

In the name, 
To the glory of the Lord


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