How Blessed I Am

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Song Title:
  How Blessed I Am
Song Category:
  Christian Rock
Play Time:
  Praise You Evermore
Track Number:
  ASR-10/Ovation Guitar/ Bass
Composed By:
  Lisa Chaddock/Kenny Carter
Performed By:
  Kenny Carter


How Blessed I Am

(c) 2009 by Lisa Chaddock and Kenny Carter
(Inspired by Psalm 72)
Verse 1
Just because
I see no end in sight
Doesn't mean
That I shouldn't run this race,
Just because
I have to walk this road
Doesn't mean
That I walk alone

For I have someone
Who's beside me
Every step
Every breath

I walk in praise,
I walk in love
I know that Jesus
Is here, always beside me
I lift my heart
In thankful prayer
To know You Lord
To know Your love, such holiness
To live in Your peace I know
How blessed I am

Verse 2
Just because
The world is in the dark
Doesn't mean
That there is no light
And just because
I live within the world
Doesn't mean
It shines as bright

For I have someone
Here beside me
Every step
Every breath


He will endure as long as the sun, 
As long as the moon,
Through all generations.
He rules from sea to sea
And holds the key to hope
For all the nations



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