Healing In His Hands
(c) 2006 by Lisa Chaddock  and Kenny Carter

                          Bsus4                              A
The simple touch that made the lame man walk
                                  Bsus4                           A/C# B/D#       E
The hand held out that helped the woman change her life

                          Bsus4                           A
The simple look that made the sick girl well
                             Bsus4                             A/C#                         C#m B
The one command that made the dead man come to life

           E                                                 C#m
The healing in His hands the touch of God himself 
             A                                 Bsus4                    E
That heals the broken soul the broken soul
                          Bsus4                            A
The simple word that made the deaf man hear
                               Bsus4                             A/C#  B/D#        E
The voice of God that mends the broken change our lives
                          Bsus4                         A
The simple love that tells your very soul
Bsus4                          A/C#                       C#m B
That Jesus Christ will heal our spirit change your life


C#m                                         G#m
Rise, take your mat and walk
             A                      B                       C#m
In the name, to the glory of the Lord

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