Sacred Promise
(Lisa Chaddock/ Kenny Carter)
Verse 1
               C                     G
From a people in the desert
         Am                         C/E         F
You brought out the ones You knew
                      C                   G         Am7
Those who lifted God among them
                    Dm7     C/E          F
And You gave to them Your truth

              C                      G
From a people in the desert
                 Am      C/E      F
Born to be the Son of Man
                 C                   G Am7
Hear the holy angels singing
              Dm7    C/E        F
Praises to our God and King

G                           Am
Faithful to your sacred promise
         C/E                             F
You led your people into shelter
           G                             Am
Your chosen ones with shouts of joy
F                            C/G            G
Faithful to your sacred promise
          Dm7       F            G
You gave mankind the light
        F                       C/G G  Dm7/C C
To lead them into peace forever

                  Dm7                        Am7 
Lord, of all your countless gifts of love
          F                        Gsus4 G
You sent a child of light
                  Dm7                       C/E 
For your mercy’s sake, you saved us
                  F                    Dm7          Bb Gsus4 G
To make known your power and might 

Verse 3
              C                      G
From a people in the desert
                 Am      C/E      F
Born to be the Son of God
                   C                         G       Am7
He would lift your name among them
               Dm7           C/E       F
As the Truth, the Way, the Life










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