You Are Holy
2007 by Lisa Chaddock and Kenny Carter

Lord, Your thoughts
 Are not our thoughts, 
        A     C#m  B
Neither are Your ways our ways; 
E                                                     B
For as the heavens are higher
So are Your ways
A                                     Bsus4
Higher than our ways 
Your ways are higher than 
  B                                     A    B/D#
The farthest stars we know
And yet You breathed this breath 
B                        A   B   E/G#
Of life in us to show

A B C#m          
You are holy,  

                     A B C#m    
You are holy 
A  B
God Almighty
C#m          B
Who was and Is
And is to come;
Bsus4            A   B E
You are holy, You are holy

verse 2
E                                                             Bsus4
Lord Your time is not our time 
A     C#m  B  B/D#
Thus it is Your will we seek; 
E                                                           B
For as the mountains are greater 
So is Your strength
A                                       Bsus4
Greater than our strength 

Your peace is deeper than 
Bsus4                                   A   E/G#
The greatest depths of space 
In a simple prayer
B                                    A   B/D#  E
You hold us in Your grace 



Bsus4           A
So small are we that 
E/G#               A
You should even 
G#m                A
Consider us at all, 
Yet You sent Your one 
G#m         A

Begotten Son
F#m                                         Bsus4 B 
To save us one and all. 

verse 3 
E                                                               Bsus4
Lord Your praise is on our lips 
A  C#m B B/D#
So Your voice still calls to us; 
E                                                             Bsus4
For as the sound lives for ever 
F#m A                            Bsus4
We worship You lifting up our song 

C#m                            B
Your love is higher than the breadth
A   B/D# 
Of human love 
So we embrace this moment 
B                      A    B/D#    E/G#
Given from above 

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