Angels and Saints
(c) 2006 by Lisa Chaddock  and Kenny Carter

      D                               G                      Em7 Asus4 A
A Voice will cry out in the desert
                 D/F# G        Asus4 A                   
Like a sigh           in the night 

           Bm7               D/F#
The beloved will hear
             D/F#             G
Of a time drawing near
                     Em7                        D/F#         G
When all darkness will be turned into light

           D                        G                  Em7 Asus4 A
The Voice will be glad in the promise
                 D/F# G         Asus4 A                   
Of the day       yet to come

                      Bm7            D/F#
When the weary can rest
                    D/F#             G
And the meek are the blest
                       Em7                A                D
When the life and the Spirit are one.







D/F#                G          D 
Our souls will arise up  on wings
                      Bm G     A 
Much like eagles in flight
            D/F#           Bm7 
We'll run and not tire 
                                      F#m7 Bm7
For we carry the fire
                    Em7             A
Of His Spirit and Life
Bbdim7 Bm7                    G
Like a     blossom in the desert
                 D/F#             A
Or the sunsets He paints
D/F#            Em7 D/F# G
Life will be sweet romance
                    Em7 D/F# G 
When we join in the dance
A                                                  D
Of the Angels and the Saints.

G                        Em7
Every color, every hue
          D         D/F# G
Will rise up on His wing
Em7                         G
Every mountain, every shore
             G              Bm7     A       D/A  A 
Resonates to sing to God our     King

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