He Reigns
(Lisa Chaddock/ Kenny Carter)

Verse 1

                  Dsus4                 C Em
Jesus my hope my saving grace 
C           D           C         G
Forever loving I lift my praise
                         Dsus4                        C Em
Oh, God my Father my thankful soul
C                   D                C     D  G/B
Bows in submission to you alone


                     C                Em
For Jesus reigns, He reigns
   C              D  G/B
Above the world
He reigns, He saves
       Em            C          D  G/B
We raise our thankful hearts
He reigns, He reigns
       C                             Em
All praise and honor to His name
                     C D           G
For Jesus reigns, He reigns
                    C/E D/F#           G
For Jesus reigns,               He reigns

Verse 2

                   Dsus4              C Em
Jesus my Lord my only choice
C            D             C         G
Forever guiding I lift my voice
                    Dsus4                 C Em
Oh Holy Spirit my joyful part
        C                D                    C       D G/B
To praise and worship with all my heart 


D                       G
God sent His Son
                            C        Em
To reign over all the earth
D               Em  Am7      C
He raises us in great rebirth
       D                C                      Bm7  C/D
He reigns, He reigns Jesus reigns



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