(Lisa Chaddock/ Kenny Carter)

Verse 1
We are standing in the presence 
               D                        A
Of the mighty God on high 
We invite the Holy Spirit 
        D                           C#m
To fill this church today 
E/G# C#m  B                            C#m
We are            singing songs of worship 
               A                            E
To the Son of God on high
E/G# C#m B                                  C#m
And we          raise his throne with praises 
As we call upon His name 

We are standing together
               C#m            A 
We are raising our voices, 
              E/G#  F#m            A          Bsus4 B
We are here to praise the God of all; 
There is no greater kinship 
                 C#m B         A
Than to share in His worship 
                 F#m       E/G#             A
Here we stand together as we call
G#m7 F#m7 Bsus4            E Esus4 E 
He is        the Lord above all.

Verse 2

We are living on His promise 
Of redemption in Christ 
We invite the Holy Spirit 
To fill our hearts to day 
We are giving all our worship 
To the Son of God on high 
And we join with generations 
As we praise His name again; 


C#m                   A                         E B/D#
Come Father, Son and Holy Spirit 
C#m            A                         Bsus Cdim7
Come and fill us with your love 
C#m                    B           F#m7
We praise You in Your glory 
A     F#m           E/G# A Bsus4
Eternally You reign    above