True Heart 
(c) 2005 by Lisa Chaddock and Kenny Carter
Verse 1
True heart Your words are known
F#m                     D
You speak and seeds are sown
You seek and find great love
F#m                   D
You give from heaven above

          E  F#m                          D
True Heart, Heart of the Living God
            E  F#m               D
Jesus Christ, God's only Son
           E  F#m                  Bm           D
True Heart, Heart of truth and love
                      Bm                D
You are my pattern and faith
True heart

Verse 2
True heart, Your song is clear
You sing and deaf can hear
You walk and lead the lost
You gave no thought of the cost


             E                                A
In all I am I want to honor you
             E                      A
In all I do I seek you, Lord
                        E            F#m7
You are the one, the truth
         Bm7             D                           E
The holiest, the sanctified True Heart

Verse 3
True heart Your say be still
In You The Word's fulfilled
You are the Greatest Gift
You came So that all might live





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