Holy Lord God Almighty
(c) 2008 by Lisa Chaddock  and Kenny Carter

Verse 1
Holy and almighty
You alone are Lord
Heaven and all creation
Sing of your glory

Holy and eternal
You alone are God
Everything we are
Comes only from You

You are holy
You are high above all
You are the great Lion of Judah
With all of heaven
We join in the song
Holy, Holy, Holy
Lord God Almighty

Verse 2
Holy and almighty
We cry out your name
Let every knee bow down
Here in your presence

Holy and eternal
We reflect your love
Shining in your grace
Embracing Your peace


In the presence of Your holiness
We bow in adoration
Blessing, honor, glory and power
Be Yours forever 
Be Yours forevermore

Verse 3
Holy and almighty
Holy Adonai
Saints and angels join
The song of our praises

Holy and eternal
Only Son of God
Everything we have
Comes only from you








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