You Are Holy
2007 by Lisa Chaddock and Kenny Carter

verse 1
Lord, Your thoughts
  Are not our thoughts, 
Neither are Your ways our ways; 
For as the heavens are higher 
So are Your ways
Higher than our ways 

Your ways are higher than 
The farthest stars we know
And yet You breathed this breath 
Of life in us to show

You are holy, You are holy 
God Almighty
Who was and Is
And is to come;
You are holy, You are holy

verse 2
Lord Your time is not our time 
Thus it is Your will we seek; 
For as the mountains are greater 
So is Your strength
Greater than our strength 


Your peace is deeper than 
The greatest depths of space 
In a simple prayer 
You hold us in Your grace 


So small are we that 
You should even 
Consider us at all, 
Yet You sent Your one 
Begotten Son 
To save us one and all. 

verse 3 
Lord Your praise is on our lips 
So Your voice still calls to us; 
For as the sound lives for ever 
we worship You lifting up our song 

Your love is higher than the breadth 
Of human love 
So we embrace this moment 
Given from above 


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